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Kitchen Refurbishment

All offices have a kitchen or tea point, when it comes to the office refurbishment these areas need to be considered as important as any other.

Health and Safety

kitchen refurbishment

Safety and Hygiene are second to none when it comes to a domestic kitchen environment, the office kitchen area and tea points are just as important.

Statistics show that nearly 5 million working days are lost per year due to injury in the workplace. It is clear to see that cost cutting at work which involves cutting safety is a non-starter. Office kitchen and tea points can be places with risk of injury if the kitchen units and fittings - including instant hot water boilers - are not planned and fitted correctly.

Instant hot water boilers

instant hot water boiler

The days of the humble kettle in the work place are surely numbered with instant hot water products such as the Zip Hydroboil and Hydrotap. These are fixed and can't be knocked over making them a safer alternative. As well as the savings from their energy efficiency, savings are made due to staff not standing around in the kitchen waiting for the kettle to boil.

Instant boiling water at the touch of a button, filtered so hard water isn't an issue, no energy wasted boiling more water than needed and no cluttered worktops or trailing leads make these a smart investment.

Other Points

kitchen and break-out room

Dish washers save time and energy and the cups are washed sparkle clean every time.

The kitchen floor covering needs to be non-slip to prevent slips and falls in the event of water being split.

Air Extraction for kitchens is essential to remove the smells from the area.

Heat and smoke sensors within the ceiling are essential as well.


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